Effective Home Remedies And Tips To Control Hair Fall

Hair Fall Solutions

Hair comes in different colors, styles, textures, lengths and styles. Hair can be long, short, shiny, silky, frizzy or straight. But what kind of hair a person have, he/she falls prey to at least one problem at some point in his/her life. Naturally and normally, hair goes through a regular and continuous cycle.

Two phases are involved in this cycle mainly:

1- Anagen phase:

This phase lasts from 2 to six years or longer. During this phase hair grow at a faster speed.

2- Telogen phase:

During this phase the hair rests and it lasts for three months. At the end of telogen phase, the hair start falling and is replaced by new hair and cycle continuous.

The average person loses about 100 hairs each day. Hair also can have other causes, including drugs or disease. As men age, some may tend to lose hair on the top of their head. This leaves a horseshoe-shaped ring of hair at the both sides. This is very common type of hair loss and is commonly known as male-pattern baldness. Its main causes are by genes transformation from parents to children during birth and it’s fueled by the male hormone testosterone. In female-pattern baldness, the hair loss is different — it thins throughout the top of the scalp, leaving the hair in front intact.

Causes of Hair loss:

Lot of factors contributes to the hair loss. Some of the factors contributing to hair loss are following:

1- Deficiency or lack of iron and some essential vitamins like vitamin B1, B2, C results in hair loss.

2- One of the main cause of hair fall during teenage is hormonal fluctuations during puberty.
3- Prolonged illness can result in hair fall or hair loss. High fever can also lead to air fall.

4- Natural hair production cycle can be interrupted by the medical conditions like thyroid diseases or diabetes. In most of the people, hair fall is caused due to these medical conditions.
5- Hair loss can be the result of the prescription medicines that are prescribed to overcome other teenage problems like pimples and acne.

6- One major reason behind the continuous hair fall in teenage girls is contraceptives.
7- A kind of skin disease like Alopecia areata can also affect and cause the hair loss and hair fall not only from the scalp but from whole body.
8- Irregular food timings, bad eating habits, like fast or junk food and even eating disorders i.e. bulimia or anorexia nervosa are found to be responsible for hair fall.
9- Lack of macro nutrients from the body can cause hair fall.

Hair Fall Remedies:

It is extremely important to treat hair loss especially for teenagers.
Following are some of the remedies you can try at home to treat hair fall.

1- Eat protein rich food. Protein gives strength to hair and can prevent hair loss. The food which is rich in protein include eggs, green vegetables, milk, yogurt and lentils.

2- Avoid heating tongs, curls and other styling. These really damage your hair and cause hair fall, and hair become weak.
3- Avoid use of gels and straightener.
4- Eat healthy food enriched in Vitamins. Drink plenty of water every day. Regular exercise, meditation, proper sleep and yoga can also control hair loss.
5- If you are suffering from alopecia areata, then consult an appropriate doctor.
6- Oiling is the best way to prevent and treat hair fall. Regular oiling can make your hair strong, healthy and shiny.