How To Remove Acne

Acne (Pimples)

Acne vulgarism or simple acne is a severe skin problem that starts when dead skin cells and oil clog up the pores in skin. People give it different names like pimples, blemishes, blackheads, white heads or zits.

Acne can become severe when not treated at the earlier stages. In mild form of acne, you have only few pimples or red spots on skin especially on face and neck. While in severe form of acne, neck, face, back or chest may have hundreds of bidder and solid pimples and red lumps. This skin problem is very common to teens but people of all ages can suffer from it. Women usually have acne soon after their menstrual periods. Both men and women usually face this problem in their teen years but depending upon the skin type, some people never encounter this problem. Some people feel embarrassment due to acne on their face. But they need not to worry about it, by using some remedies they can get rid of acne.


Symptoms of acne / pimples:

Symptoms of acne include:

Whitehead Blackheads Pimples: These can occur on shoulders, back, chest, neck or face. Some pimples are deep and large and these are known as cystic lesions. If infected, these can be painful. They also can scar the skin..



To control acne, following this may help you.
Keep your skin clean.
Wash your face with face-wash or acne wash twice or thrice a day.
Avoid skin products that clog skin pores.
Don’t pick at pimples or try not to scrub.
Use products that say “non-comedogenic” on label.