How To Control High Blood Pressure Naturally

How To Control High Blood Pressure Naturally.

How to control high blood pressure naturally.These ways are 100% natural and simple. Taking these below natural steps can reduce the risk of health problems further down the line.


  • Take three dry Prunes into half glass of water and boiled it. After the temperature down this syrup, drink this mixture empty stomach for 15 days daily. This will keep control your blood pressure normal.
  • Uncover three granny of Garlic and cut down into small pieces. Take one teaspoon of Natural Honey and mix it up. After making paste, use it daily empty stomach with fresh water for 10 days only. Then check the result of this natural home remady.It will keep your body fit and balance blood pressure.
  • Ginger is very effective for reduce cholesterol level. Take 3 pieces of ginger and 2 cup of fresh water. Make it like a green tea. You can use this ginger tea in your daily life for betterment and control of Blood Pressure.
  • Take regular exercise, such as walking, running for at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week.
  • Eat a healthy diet that should be high in fruits and vegetables and low in sodium, fats and cholesterols.
  • Manage your stress and tension through various activities you find relaxing. Share your worries and problems with your friends or your life partner.
  • Maintain your healthy body weight and check your blood pressure twice a day regularly.
  • Refrain alcohol intake gradually. You can use fresh fruit juice, green tea and lemon tea as a replacement of alcohol. Because alcohol is very dangerous drink for blood pressure patients.
  • Refrain any type of beef i.e. cardigan, drum sticks of beef, beef tikka boti. Use uncooked fresh vegetables as a salad in your daily foods and you can also use vegetables as a soup. It will maintain you blood pressure and boost your metabolism.
  • Cooking oil has a main role in our daily foods. Choose low cholesterol cooking oil for your foods. If you are already using any normal cooking oil then replace it with sunflower cooking oil, if using seeds oil then replace it with castor oil or canola oil. It is a small change but it will change your entire body health especially you blood pressure.

What is a normal blood pressure?

After reading how to control high blood pressure naturally, we should know about the reasons and treatment of high blood pressure, we should know about an average range of a human body’s blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is vital to life. When our heart pumps the blood in our whole body, at that time the power which our heart use during the pressure of blood is called blood pressure. When our heart received blood coming from body that is called Diastolic Pressure. And when our heart released the blood with pressure to our whole body that is called Systolic Pressure.

In this article, we will elaborate the meaning of blood pressure, and how we cure high blood pressure naturally.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force that moves the blood throughout our circulatory system. It is a vital force because oxygen and nutrients would not be pushed around our circulatory system to grow tissues and organs without blood pressure.

Blood pressure is also vital because it delivers white blood cells, red blood cells, antibodies and hormones such as insulin.

Blood itself carries a huge number of other properties and particles. It also carries one of our defenses against tissue damage, the clotting platelets that prevent blood losses during any type of injury. For the betterment of high blood pressure and for reduce the risk of H.B.P,  please  use above mention 10 ways to control high blood pressure naturally home remedies.